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Past Researchers

                  PhD Students                    Post Doctoral Researchers                    Masters Students

Visiting Professors

Current location and designationContact information

Jean Luc Dugelay
Professor, Multimedia Communications department,
Eurecom, France

Peter Kabal
Professor, Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Tor Ramstad Signal processing group,
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology,


PhD Students
Alphabetical listing by last names:  A  C  D  E  G  H  J  K  L  M  N  P  R  S  T  U  V  W  Y  Z

NameThesis TitleGraduation YearCurrent location
and designation
Contact Information
Ashish AggarwalTowards weighted mean-squared error optimality of scalable audio coding2002CEO, Snap Networks, USA and India
Alphan Altinok Computational analysis of biological images: A study of microtubule dynamic behavior2006Research Staff, Caltech, 
R. AravindFinite-state vector quantization for image data compression1988Professor, EE, IIT Madras,
Wai-Yip Chan
Product code vector quantization methods with application to high fidelity audio coding1991Professor, ECE, Queens University,
Juin-Hwey (Raymond) ChenLow bit-rate predictive coding of speech waveforms based on vector quantization 1987Broadcom Corporation,  Irvine,
De-Yuan ChengEfficient nearest neighbor search for non-structured euclidean codes and application to vector quantization1986Faculty, Shenzen University, Hong
Vladimir CupermanEfficient waveform coding of speech using vector quantization 1983Professor, ECE, Simon Fraser University, Canada and
Amitava Das
Multimode spectral coding of speech at low bit rates1996Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA
Grant DavidsonAlgorithms and processor architectures for low-rate speech coding1987Technical Manager, Dolby Labs, San Francisco,
Cagri Etemoglu
Matching pursuits sinusoidal speech coding2001Business Development Manager, Turk Telecom, Turkey
Shrinivas Gadkari
Joint source-channel coding for mobile and broadcast applications1997Sr. DSP Engineer, Tensilica Technologies, Pune,
Oded GottesmanHigh quality enhanced waveform interpolative coding of speech at low bit-rate2000Compandent Inc, Santa Barbara,
Liang GuHigh performance automatic speech recognition via enhanced front-end analysis and acoustic modeling2001IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown,
Smita GuptaInterframe processing and coding of image sequences1993VTel Corp.,
Jingning Han Estimation-Theoretic Approaches In Video Compression And Networking2012 Google Inc., Mountain View, CA
Yo-Sung Ho
Hierarchical multistage interpolative VQ for image compression1989Professor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology,
Jaewoo Jung
The role of spectral entropy in signal analysis with applications to voice, still images, and video2006Samsung Advanced Insititute of Technology, South
Hosam Khalil
Robust predictive vector quantizer design for speech and video coding2001Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA
Prashant KoulgiZero-error coding for compression and computation with distributed sources2002Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur,
Chunyan Li
Analysis-by-synthesis multimode harmonic speech coding at low bit rate 2000Manager, Legend Silicon/Multimedia Communications,
Vinay Melkote
Optimal delayed decisions in encoding and decoding of audio signals and general sources2010Researcher, Dolby Labs,
David MillerAn information-theoretic framework for optimization with application in source coding and pattern recognition 1995Professor, EE, Pennsylvania State University,
Jayant Nayak
Problems in compression, transmission and storage of correlated Sources 2005Research Staff Member, Mayachitra Inc., Santa Barbara,
Erdal Paksoy
Variable rate speech coding with phonetic classification1994System Architect, Texas Instruments,
Sharadh Ramaswamy
Fusion coding, search and retrieval of correlated data2008Research Staff Member, Mayachitra Inc., Santa Barbara,
Bhaskar RamamurthiVector quantization of images based on a composite source model 1985Professor, EE, IIT Madras,
Ajit RaoDesign of pattern recognition systems using deterministic annealing: applications in speech recognition, regression and data compression 1998Texas Instruments, Bangalore,
Shankar RegunathanEstimation-theoretic framework for scalability and packet loss resilience in predictive video coding 2001Microsoft Corporation, Redmond,
Sang-Uk RyuSource modeling approaches to enhanced
decoding in lossy audio compression and
2006Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm Inc., San Diego,
Mehmet Emre Sargin
Probabilistic graphical models for motion analysis and object tracking2010Google Inc., Mountain View,
Ankur SaxenaDistributed coding of spatio-temporally correlated sources2008Sr. Standard Engr., Samsung Telecom, Dallas,
Jochen Christian  SchmidtAdvances in end-to-end distortion estimation for error-resilient video networking2009Apple Inc., Cupertino,
Eyal ShlomotHybird coding of speech at low bit-rate1998Consultant, Comango Technologies, LLC, Los Angeles, USA
Yair ShohamHierarchical vector quantization with application to speech waveform coding1985Senior Manager, Alcatel Lucent, New York area,
Ertem Tuncel
Scalable source coding bounds: Analysis, computation, and applications2002Associate Professor, UC Riverside,
Anil Ubale
Multiband CELP coding of wideband speech signals1998Senior Staff Engineer, Aliph, San Francisco,
Jacques Vaisey
Variable blocksize image coding using quadtree segmentation1989Last associated with Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
Shihua Wang
Phonetic segmentation techniques for speech coding1990President, Sonus Art, Inc., San Francisco,
Siu-Wai Wu Compression of image and video Signals, with constrained bit-stream syntax1993Engineering Director, Motorola, San Diego,
Jey-Hsin Yao
Low delay speech coding1992Member Technical Staff, Fujitsu Labs of America, San Jose,
Hua YangEnd-to-end estimation and optimization techniques for error-resilient video coding and networking 2005Thomson Corporate Research, Princeton,
Mei YongLow rate vector excitation coding of speech1989Aware Inc., Bedford, USA
Kenneth Zeger
Source and channel coding with vector quantization1990Professor, UC San Diego,
Rui ZhangEnd-to-end rate distortion analysis and optimization for robust video transmission over lossy networks2001Technical Leader, Cisco Systems, San Jose,

Post Doctoral Researchers

Alphabetical listing by last names:  A  C  D  E  G  H   K  L  M   R  S W  Y  Z

Current location and designationContact information
Alphan Altinok Research Staff, Caltech, 
R. Aravind
Professor, EE, IIT Madras, India

Huijuan Cui
Juan Carlos De Martin
Associate Professor of Information Engineering,
Politecnico of Torino, Italy.

Ioannis Dologlou
Institute of language and speech processing,
Athens, Greece

Engin Erzing
Associate Professor, College of Engineering,
Koc University

Carmen Garcia-Mateo
Signal processing and communications department,
Campus Universitario, Vigo, Spain

Cecile Huet
European Commission, Brussels, France

Kozuhito Koishida
Arun Kumar Professor, IIT - Delhi
Delhi, India

Riccardo Leonardi

Jan Linden
Vice President Engineering,
Global IP Solutions

David McClaren

Emmanuel Ravelli
Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany

Ankur Saxena
Sr. Standard Engr., Samsung Telecom, Dallas, USA

Andrew Sekey

Senior Manager, Central Labs at NEC, Japan 

Tian Wang

Eyal Yair
Director of Software & Projects Managements,
“Elbit Systems” Land System C4I, IT and Intelligence Division,

Xuedong Yang
Professor, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

Ram Zamir

Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Masters Students

Alphabetical listing by last names:  B  C  D  F  G  I   K  L  M  N  R  S W  Y  Z

Current location and Designation

Morris Beatty


Ilan BerciApplication Architect (Consultant) DnD/IBM Canada
Ottawa, Canada Area

David Chase

Craig Demel
Linux software Engineer at Luidia,
San Francisco, USA

Stephen Flamm
Director, Product management at Voxify
San Francisco, USA
Also, Founder/President at Exuber Software

Daryl Fortney
Senior Software developer at 3SI security systems Inc,
Macon, Georgia

Sharlene Gee

Masa Iwadare

Tetsui Kawashima

Yoonie Kim

Pradeep Koulgi

Cognex Corp.

Hitoshi Koyama

Chrish Kuiper
Senior Software Engineer, Cisco Systems,
San Jose, USA

Wendy Kurko

Jiong Luo

Victor Manzella

Xavier Michael

Ning Mo
Cisco Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

Vasudev Nayak

Aidong Ning

Masayuki Nishiguchi

Ling Niu

Senior Engineer at D2 Technologies,
Seattle, USA

Jagadeesan Ramanathan
SAD at iNautix Technologies, India

Sangeeta Ramkrishnan
Cisco, San Jose, USA
Vishal Sharma
Principal Consultant & Technologist at Metanoia, Inc,
San Francisco, USA

K. Srinivasan

Terry Stanhope
Shantanu Tarafdar
Member of Technical staff at Streach Inc.,
San Francisco, USA

Anne Thomas

Jian (Jackson) Tong

Ivar Verivik
PocketScience Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA

Eric Whitaker

Mitsu Yano
Yubo Yang
Independent Investment management Professional,
Santa Barbara, USA

Yi Zhao


Current location and Designation

Jaspreet Singh

R & D Labs, Samsung, Dallas, Tx, USA

Peng Wu
Vision Research Lab, UCSB, CA, USA